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Think about how much time we waste over one day, one week or even a month complaining about how we hate this or that person. Not only are we wasting time that could be put towards something useful—like reading a book, writing a short story or practicing yoga, but the more we complain, the more we’re living in a negative headspace.

Negativity begets more negativity and before we know it, we're bitter and angry at the world. It’s not a healthy way to live. I know.

I was angry with most everyone until one day, I realized I was wasting precious time. And the people to whom my anger was directed? They had their priorities straight. They didn't give a second worrying about what people thought of them, so essentially, I was the loser. And I was the loser twice, because not only did I dislike them, but negative thoughts occupied my mental space. They were going on with their life, happy as pigs in shit, while I was sitting there stewing over who knows what.

That’s why we designed the Kill ‘em with Kindness tee—a reminder to center ourselves and not dwell on the negative. If we’re nice, people are nice in return. It’s not Karma. Karma is a myth. Bad things happen to good people all the time and good things happen to assholes. If you live long enough, you’re bound to experience both good and bad things. What isn’t a myth is that it’s nice to be nice, but no one wants to be a bitch about it, which is why we put a sick looking knife on the shirt ;)

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